Rusted Lime
November 5, 2017 The wrong kind of glue

The wrong kind of glue

In my testing of which glues are best for sticking down appliques I happened to use a foaming glue. Foaming glues are your polyurethane glues such as Tarzan Grip.  In my defence it didn’t say ‘foaming glue’ on the label like most of them do, so I was none the wiser.
Tarzan Grip didn’t cure as quickly as I had hoped, but once it did, it foamed right up and outta those spaces.  If you are there watching it (I wasn’t) you can wipe it straight off before it dries. Else, you need to get a scalpel then sand back your piece adding time to the finish.
This was used on the resin appliques only.
 Look at all that glue you have to sand back to get a perfect finish. I did it, but it took a long time.