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November 5, 2017 The right kind of glue

The right kind of glue

I have done the rounds on all the commercial glues out there to use for sticking down appliques to various surfaces.   These appliques are made from resin and rubber, so you will need a glue that can do ‘rubber to rubber’ and ‘rubber to wood’.   There are several good ones to use that net you the best result.
Superglue – messy but cures quickly, along with sticking stuff all over your fingers. Just watch to not put them together.    You put the glue on the solid surface you will be sticking the applique to, not the actual applique itself.
Gel glues – usually come in a very small sized bottle, these are great because as a gel there is no messy watery glue spilling everywhere, plus they cure quickly.   However that bottle doesn’t go very far and they are expensive.   You put this glue on the applique itself and not on the working surface, to stick down.
Wood Glues – these work with both types of applique and are slower to cure.  You put the glue on either the applique or the working surface, you don’t have to apply it to both.
Kwik Grip is a 24 hour set glue, so slower and will take longer to complete projects.
Some glues which are good to use are Weldbond, Sikabond – TechGrip, Aquadhere Wood Glue and Tarzan Grip – High Strength Glue and also General Purpose Glue
Using Resin appliques on uneven surfaces
When using a resin applique, there are a couple of things to consider.  Is the surface you are working on flat?  Sometimes the surface is not flat and so the applique won’t stick flush when you glue it down.  Or sometimes the applique might need to be fully flat.   The best way to have your applique stick straight down when either consideration is the case is to use clamps.   When the glue takes a little bit to cure (especially considering air temperature and humidity) then clamping will net you the best result especially on the big appliques.   Once the glue has cured, you can release the clamps within about 30 minutes and it will be perfect.